Book Video Commercials

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Get a book video commercial you can use on social media or your own website to sell your book.

This is a custom video made for your book, not one of those questionable look-alike “one-size-fits-all” templates used by others.

What’s the Difference Between a Book Trailer and a Book Commercial?

Authors have tried to use “Book Trailers” to sell books for many years. Have they been successful? No one knows for sure. Some of the New Vanity Press companies (like AuthorHouse, Balboa Press, iUniverse, Westbow, Xulon, etc.) charge $1,000-$2,000 for a 1-minute version, but they seem to be ineffective.

Perhaps the “Book Trailer” concept is dead. It was an extension of the movie trailer or “previews of coming attractions” concept. People viewed a high-impact summary of the upcoming movie and decided to see it when it was released on the basis of the preview.

We need to face it. Most trailers for fiction or nonfiction books do not have the same force of movie previews because they spent millions of dollars on key scenes they show to entice theatergoers. Book trailers look weak in comparison.

A Book Commercial Can Help You Sell Books

People respond to short presentations, not long ones. We all see and hear 30-60 second commercials on radio and TV day and night. Why? Because short commercial messages sell products and services.  It’s a proven method.

What elements make a video commercial a good choice to sell your book?

  • Fast paced and interesting.
  • They hook viewer attention immediately with an engaging statement.
  • They are backed by music that changes the viewer to a receptive emotional state.
  • They focus on the good reviews you’ve received.
  • They show your book cover.
  • Your author picture is included (if you wish).
  • There is a call-to-action to buy your book.

See the sample videos below to see each of these elements unfold.

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What You Receive for $97

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Made in the USA

Here’s what’s included in your high-impact book commercial:

  • A professionally produced 30-second video commercial.
  • Motion background.
  • Appropriate licensed or public domain music.
  • Opening phrases to capture viewer attention.
  • Your existing flat front cover turned into 3D format as shown in the sample videos.
  • Excerpts from your existing reviews (three, up to about 10 words each).
  • Your author photo included (your option).
  • A Call-to-Action. Locations where your book is available to buy.
  • Standard 1280 x 720 (landscape) HD resolution.*
  • Delivery for your video for review in 3-4 business days (M-F) after all assets (text, cover) received.
  • One revision, if needed, without additional cost.
  • Delivered to you in MP4 format. You upload wherever you wish.

Each book commercial follows the same proven sales pattern but you get a unique combination of backgrounds, fonts, images and music geared to sell your book. Here are some samples so you can see what you’ll receive.

Your custom commercial will have book sales psychology built-in. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” template offered by offshore video factories.

Free Guide

book tralier

Video commercial clients get a free PDF copy of my Video Commercial Promotion Guide. It lists the best places to display your video and provides step-by-step instructions about how to do it.

Free 3D Image

book trailers

We turn your existing flat cover into 3D style to use in your video (see video samples below). As a bonus, you’ll get that PNG image to use independently on your website or for your other promotional efforts.

Sample Book Commercial – Mystery – Click to View


Sample Book Commercial – Romance – Click to View

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book trailers
Our Book Commercials are Custom Made, Not Templates.
We offer optional extras to meet your needs. Click Here to request pricing details.

  • 60-seconds or longer
  • Scripting
  • Voice-over narration
  • Your video footage
  • Other video dimensions/resolutions, including the popular 1080 x 1080 (portrait/square) format.
  • Other custom features

* Notes about dimensions (excerpt from my Video Commercial Promotion Guide).

Some Social Media sites prefer one format over the other.  Others accept both formats. They also differ if you are merely posting or buying an ad.  Various site requirements are subject to change.  Here’s a guide to help you select a size based upon where you intend to use your video. The two sizes we offer fit most situations. Be sure to confirm the video dimensions you need before you order.  Order both sizes at the same time and get $15 off the total.

  • 1280 x 720. The best place to host at no cost.  Once on YouTube, you can post your video in many different places like your own website or many Social Media sites.
  • 1280 x 720.  They offer free hosting for non-commercial use only.
  • Facebook. Landscape or Portrait/Square for regular post uploads. Portrait/Square is increasingly popular for post uploads. Ad sizes may vary.
  • Instagram. Same rules as Facebook since they are the same company. Landscape or Portrait/Square for regular post uploads.
  • Twitter. 1280 x 720, up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You can post videos on your Twitter Feed or send via Direct Message.
  • LinkedIn.  Upload (Native) or link to YourTube or Vimeo. Three seconds to 30 minutes.


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