Content Writing Profits

Content Writing Profits:
Steps for Writing Online Content and Replacing Your Day Job with the Income

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You don’t need to write a best-seller to make a big income with your writing skills.

In fact, book authors feel crushing disappointment and empty pockets more than any other type of writer. The competition is fierce.

But, if you are gushing with creativity and want success as a writer, you can be a top earner by becoming an online content writer. In this book, I offer the steps for writing online content and offer a path for you to replace your day job with the income.

The fact is, you can have a successful career writing short articles (like blog posts) and scripts.

Get the details that other books on this topic lack.

I provide multiple income paths and the tips and techniques you need to prosper in this ever-growing field. Chapters include:

Part One – Earn What You’re Worth

1 What Is Content Writing?
2 An Early Warning About Content Mills
3 Profitable Places to Make Money
4 Common Content Writing Rates

Part Two – The Content Writing Process

5 Word Count is Important
6 Narrowing the Topic
7 General Content Writing Guide
8 A Proven Writing Pattern
9 How To Do Fast Research
10 How To Be an Original Writer
11 How to Be Interesting
12 Be SEO Aware
13 Revision and Editing

Part Three – Building Your Business

14 Best Places to Find Clients
15 How Much Should You Charge?
16 Collecting Your Fee
17 How to Increase Your Client Base
18 How to Increase Income from Existing Clients
19 Should You Sign Legal Agreements?
20 Taking Care of Business

You’re just one click away from learning about a kind of writing that can change your life.

BUY Content Writing Profits now.

Purchase Here
Amazon: Kindle and Paperback editions
iTunes: Ebook
Barnes & Noble Nook: Ebook
Kobo: Ebook



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