Ebola Virus: The Real Threat and How to Survive It

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Ebola is a potentially disastrous virus. Will it only kill a few hundred thousand, or will it have a more devastating worldwide effect?

There is an outbreak in West Africa right now, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts it will be a continuing health threat.

The disease is horrible enough. Victims get a fever, headache and then start bleeding out the nose, gums, and rectum. Anyone who touches their bodily fluids, such as blood, saliva, urine or semen is likely to catch or spread the disease. However, Ebola has the ability to “go airborne” at any time and it could spread by a cough or sneeze. It has a 70%-90% kill rate.

The disease is not only a medical problem but is also a social and political one. Our society has been conditioned to think of massive deaths by a virus is acceptable. Our politicians are making decisions that are opposite of the advice given by health officials.

It is possible to survive an Ebola pandemic. It is not a matter of believing that Colloidal silver or other quack cures will save you, but is a matter of taking proven preparedness steps. You do not have to become a “prepper” to protect your family, but you do need to be proactive in caring for them.

Is there a vaccine? So far, there is the only talk of one. Millions could die before one can be manufactured and distributed. The threat is real and growing.

Learn more in this well-researched 52-page ebook.

– What is going on, and why you should be concerned

– What Ebola is, and how it attacks the human body

– Steps to take to increase your chances of survival if there is a global pandemic

This book is not political or conspiratorial in nature although the author offers some food for thought in those areas. It is not a call to become a doomsday prepper. This book is based on research, documented medical facts, and history.

Only prepared people survive any natural calamity, and this ebook outlines many of the issues people will face. It is up to individuals to take prudent action to keep them and their loved ones alive, especially with a virulent virus like Ebola.

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Amazon: Kindle ebook