How to Write, Publish and Sell “How-to” Books

how to write a how to book“How-to” and “self-help” books sell. You have knowledge others are willing to pay for on almost any topic.

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Help me write a book!

That is a statement I have heard many times in my three decades plus as a writer, editor, and publisher. Now, essential information I have been providing to my consulting and mentoring clients about how to write a book is now available at your fingertips in this book.

This may be the most comprehensive book of its kind. You can learn how to write nonfiction with the knowledge you already have.

You don’t need to purchase dozens of books about researching, writing, editing, publishing, and doing print book or ebook promotion. This single source provides you the guidance and resources you need to help fulfill your dreams of being an author.

Just some of the important and exciting things you will learn…

• Why anyone can write a book based on knowledge they already have

• How to prepare for publishing success

• How to determine the market for your book before you start

• What sells best and why

• How to tap experience you have

• How to do formal research

• How to conduct interviews

• The secret of writing, even though you may not consider yourself a writer

• How to be an interesting writer

• How to find time to write

• How to edit your own manuscript

• Why you want to beware of false ideas about “self-publishing”

• The differences between traditional publishing, vanity publishing, and indie publishing

• How to design covers for maximum impact

• Details about how to publish a how-to book

• Details about how to create print books

• Details about how to create e-books

• Publishing profit centers beyond books

• Illusions about bookselling

• Why a website should be the nexus of your book selling efforts

• Top 12 ways to promote your book

• How to get found on

• How to get endorsements

• How to promote your book on the radio

• How to use social media

• Motivation and inspiration to keep you going.

Plus hundreds of “tips and tricks” to help you achieve success. This book is more than just how to write a book. It provides the information you need to research, write, publish, promote and sell a how-to book.

Purchase Here
Amazon: Kindle and Paperback editions
iTunes: Coming Soon
Ebook Barnes & Noble Nook: Coming Soon
EbookKobo: Coming Soon

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