Profitable Evergreen Writing Topics

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Profitable Evergreen Writing Topics - books and blogsWhat is an Evergreen topic? It’s one that’s perpetually useful to readers. New waves of readers are continually looking for information on such topics. Profitable Evergreen writing topics (book and blogging) stay relevant and seem fresh to each new reader over an extended period of time.

The fact is, people are seeking information on the same types of topics. They never stop. If you can write helpful content, people will continually buy your book or go to your blog to get the help you offer.

Evergreen topics don’t change with the times or seasons. They are not fad topics. Evergreen topics do well in the harshness of winter or the heat of summer and grow over the years. They are quality, useful topics that meet ongoing human needs. That is what makes them so potentially profitable.

You always want to narrow Evergreen books or blog posts. Provide a solution about something in particular, not everything in general. All topic areas have hundreds of issues you can address, but the key is to treat them one book, chapter or blog post at a time.

Evergreen topics have enormous profit potential.

Evergreen Topic Categories

What are some of these profitable Evergreen writing topics? They fall into seven different categories. We’ll discuss ideas under each category to spark your own thinking.

1. Health and Fitness

Everyone is concerned about their health. They are interested in all aspects of it, particularly diet and weight loss. They want to learn different exercise techniques. In addition, they are curious about organic foods and natural remedies.

2. Wealth

There are always people looking for ways to make money. Many want to quit their regular job, and others wish to augment their current income. They want to learn how to invest, start a business, earn passive income, save for retirement, develop Internet marketing skills and related topics. Any topic that relates to acquiring money has blogging potential.

3. Relationships

People are continually looking for books and blogs about dating tips, how to have a happy marriage, and how to handle break-ups and divorce. They are interested in sexuality. They are also interested in all aspects of parenting. If you have the experience or training to write content that enhances social skills, then book buyers or blog visitors will be eager to read what you have to say.

4. Pet Care

According to the ASPCA, people in the US own up to 80 million dogs and 96 million cats. That’s a huge market! Pet owners are interested in learning anything and everything about their animals and how to care for them. There are hundreds of topics relating to pet care, and you could write about any and all you choose.

5. Jobs and Careers

Everyone looks for a job at some point in their life. People are often confused about how to go about it. You can help them with Evergreen topics such as how to find suitable employers, how to value their work (salary ranges), how to prepare a resume, how to act during an interview, and so forth. Beyond these kinds of mechanics, people want to explore different career paths to gauge their interest level. Let people know about what it takes to be an accountant, plumber, lawyer, or any other trade or profession you know about or can research.

6. Trade Skills/Repair Tasks

People want to know how to make or fix things. If you’re knowledgeable, you can provide step-by-step instructions about how to complete the task. This is far-ranging. Topics include books and blogs dealing with auto maintenance or home remodeling, or something like fixing computers and smartphones. Let your imagination go wild.

7. Hobbies

This is a broad but potentially profitable market segment. Your blog will concentrate on a particular hobby. Hobbies tend to rise and fall in popularity, but there are always people interested in their favorite. It’s nice if you “catch the wave” of a fad hobby. But you’ll probably get longer-term gains if you stick to one of ongoing interest and become the “go-to” expert for that hobby. Since hobby topics are slightly different than the other Evergreen topics, I have created a special list of hobbies you can explore for a book or blog topic.

Explore Profitable Subcategories

What do I mean when I say there is almost an infinite number of subcategories? Think about something like money. People are interested in ways to:

  • Get it
  • Budget it
  • Invest it
  • Spend it

You should pick just one small aspect of one of these three areas. One slice, such as investing money, can be the basis of a big fat book. Or, it can keep you busy blogging for many years. In fact, you could focus on just one aspect of investing money, such as the stock market, Bitcoin, or collectibles. See what I mean? You want to drill down to a particular niche within one of the Evergreen topics.

These days I see many “frugal” books and blogs. The writers are not financial experts, just people who know how to find bargains and save money. But remember, this is just an example. Evergreen topics are many and subcategories seem endless.

Keep Evergreen Focus

Many writers go off-point and start commenting on current news stories, statistics that may change tomorrow, or the latest fad. That’s not the best thing to do because it dates your content. Remember, you want to produce perpetually useful content.  You do that by finding “felt needs” and providing solutions to those needs. You keep the content interesting by presenting it in engaging ways.  That includes:

  • Tips and Techniques
  • Lists (“Ten things you can do to…”)
  • Instructional “How-To” Tutorials (text or video)
  • Encyclopedia-like articles
  • Product Reviews

These kinds of books or blog posts are written in everyday language for the average person.

Does this mean that you should NEVER write a book or blog post that is not Evergreen? No, sometimes there is a breakthrough in your field of interest, and you want to weigh in on it.

Don’t Fear Competition

An Evergreen topic offers a fast-track to success if you have an interest in the topic. These are topics that have a broad appeal to a wide range of people.

You might ask, “How can I make money with a book or blog on one of these topics when there’s so much competition?” The answer is twofold. First, there is an insatiable desire that people have about these topics. According to statistics, about 3.5 billion people are using the Internet regularly. Many of them are looking for information on these common topics. Human nature and curiosity are working in your favor.

Second, the material you present will be unique. Don’t underestimate the power of the information you provide after it has been filtered through your own knowledge and experience. You will not copy and paste information from others into your blog. You will be expressing similar content in a totally unique way. It is your unique expression that adds value to Evergreen topics. So, you may be writing on a popular topic, but you are bringing your unique voice to you, and that makes it different.

I discuss how you can ethically remix content to make it your own in this post. Don’t jump there now, just be reassured that you can present Evergreen topics in unique and interesting ways. I explain the details.

For example, you may have a passion for the food niche. There’s probably one basic recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and you think no one will be interested if you provide the recipe for it in a blog post. You’d probably be right. But you don’t only provide the recipe. You add your own uniqueness.

  • You tell your readers about the first time you baked chocolate chip cookies and how your mom liked them even though they were terrible.
  • You might share your grandma’s secret ingredient for chocolate chip cookies.
  • You might tell a funny story about when your dog ate your chocolate chip cookies.

See what I mean? This method applies to both books and blogs. People want to learn about making chocolate chip cookies, as ordinary as that is, but they will gravitate toward the place that shares the information with verve.

There is money in your unique approach to ordinary topics. Conjure all the creativity you have two write about the everyday Evergreen topics in ways that capture the interest of your readers. That’s another reason why passion is so important. Your enthusiasm for your book or blog topic is a crucial ingredient to your success.

Profitable Evergreen writing topics are a way to get more immediate success. Select one of these Evergreen topics to get off to a quick and potentially profitable start. If you’re not sure what you want to write about, consider starting with one of these Evergreen categories.

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