The Self-Publishing Trap

self publishing trapBook Updated and Expanded – 2018

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Gamblers say, “Look around the Poker table. If you can’t see the sucker, you’re it.”

You may be the sucker in today’s publishing world if you think you have secured a publisher and they ask you to pay for publishing services like editing, cover art, printing or promotion.

Aspiring authors spend thousands of dollars to have their book published by corporations that portray themselves as “self-publishing” companies. However, most are little more than thinly disguised vanity publishing houses. D.L. Hughes calls them the New Vanity Press (NVP). There are hundreds of such “pay-to-publish” companies like AuthorHouse, Balboa Press, Dorrance, iUniverse, Trafford, WestBow Press, Xlibris, and Xulon.

The author suggests that vanity publishing companies have blurred the difference between self-publishing and vanity publishing because of the stigma attached to vanity publishing. Self-publishing is when an author publishes the book under his or her own brand and is a way to do that to yield maximum profit at minimal expense.

Your book was spot on. It feels good to have saved money and have my book on the market in less than half the time it would have taken through the publishing company I was going to use. – Reader Email

Vanity publishing, on the other hand, is when the author pays for services to publish the book, and the resulting book carries that company’s colophon (brand name/logo) and International Standard Book Number (ISBN). The author shows that old vanity publishing and new vanity publishing are no different, except in how technology is used in the publishing process.

D.L. Hughes explains a more credible way of book publishing that enables authors to bypass the expensive vanity publishers. If you can write a book, you can publish and promote it yourself without paying huge fees, and you can retain the profits. This book is both a warning about the pitfalls of the NVP publishing model and a guide about how to publish your own book with dignity.

What’s Inside

What This Book Is About
: 1 : Amazing Opportunities
: 2 : Publishing Today – Traditional Model and Methods
: 3 : Vanity Publishing – Selling Services, Not Books
: 4 : The New Vanity Press In Action
: 5 : Pure Self-Publishing
: 6 : An Indie Publishing Blueprint
: 7 : Join the Publishing Revolution
Meet the Author
Bonus Section
End Notes

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Amazon: Kindle and Paperback editions
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