Write Fast, Write Well

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write fast write wellThis book updated and expanded in 2017.

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Most new authors don’t complete their book because they stall out. They have ideas, but cannot get the content on the page fast enough to maintain their writing momentum.

Write Fast, Write Well: Velocity Writing Techniques and Tools offers the information you need to write a book, or any document, in record time. It is especially useful to people seeking Kindle profits, but the techniques apply to all forms of writing. Ideal for fiction and nonfiction.

Ideal to prep for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)!

Slowly written books are NOT better than quickly written ones. This book contains evidence to support that view.

D.L Hughes offers practical steps to anyone who wants mastery over the writing process and reviews the writing tools that will help you reach your goals.

This ebook contains scores of writing techniques and explains the usefulness of dozens of specialized writing tools that will enable you to express your ideas at record speed.

This ebook takes you through the entire writing process in these 7 chapters. You’ll learn some fascinating things along the way. Many think Chapter 2 alone is worth the price of this ebook.

What’s Inside

Chapter 1 – Fast Writing is Better Writing
Chapter 2 – How to Harness the Creative Process
Chapter 3 – How to Structure Your Thoughts
Chapter 4 – Research Methods and Tools
Chapter 5 – Pre-writing Revealed
Chapter 6 – Writing Methods and Tools
Chapter 7 – A Writer’s Workflow
Notes and Resources

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