Writing Books is Easy, Selling Books is Hard

writing books is easy selling books is hardThis book is part of my Book Publishing Mentor Series (red covers). It was revised, updated and enlarged in 2017.

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Most new authors agonize over their books. Once finished, they think the hard part is behind them.

However, they soon discover that comparatively speaking, “Writing books is easy, selling books is hard.”

The myth that books are easy to sell is promoted by “gurus” who are often promoting their own books. Hughes, who works with new fiction and non-fiction authors on a daily basis via VelocityWriting.com, thinks “Get-Rich-Quick” books and seminars are harmful. New authors waste money seeking the holy grail of book marketing, and they are devastated when they sell only a few copies of their book. New authors think they can make thousands of dollars overnight, but they are often left penniless and depressed.

Hughes understands that successful book-selling is dependent upon making the right book available to the right audience, not razzle-dazzle marketing secrets. He says there are really no book marketing secrets, just some methods that are lesser known than others. Regardless of the methods an author uses, the fundamentals are the same: Authors need to plan and execute a book promotion campaign and this book gives step-by-step directions.

Hughes summarizes basic methods of book promotion and sales. He says book-selling is not magic, and it usually requires more effort to sell books than it does to write them. You can benefit from his methods, tips, and techniques.


1. Do Books Sell Themselves?
2. Your Website, Your Platform
3. How to Blog for Visibility
4. How to Create an Effective Newsletter
5. How to Be Found on Amazon
6. How to Get Endorsements & Reviews
7. News Releases: Right & Wrong
8. The Truth About Social Media
9. The Force of Forums
10. Speak Out
11. How to Do Radio and Podcast Interviews
12. The Never-Ending Campaign

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Amazon: Kindle Ebook


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