Write Your Book with Voice Recognition Software

Dictation Methods to Empower Your Writing

Course Updated 2020 

Voice writing is NOT futuristic — people are making more money by writing faster, high-quality material using speech recognition technology today.  This revised and updated course (2020) provides dictation methods to empower your writing.

Stop being a “story-typer” and become a story-teller. You only find your voice when you use your voice to write.

Voice recognition software is better than ever and you can leverage it to make your thoughts tangible. Ideal for book authors and bloggers.

Speech recognition software is not magic, even though it seems that way sometimes. Voice writing offers the creative quality and speed you have dreamed about. 


Dictation Methods to Empower Your Writing - VelocityWriting.com

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I have used voice recognition software since it became available for desktop use in 1999. I have used a well-known voice recognition software brand since 2002. You can learn how to speed write your book or blog posts with voice recognition software too.

This course contains videos to give you an overview of some of the most popular voice recognition tools.  See them in operation.

There are many benefits to dictating your book or blog posts and you can learn how in this course.

  • You can break the habit of slow kinetic writing, which is expressing your thoughts through motion.
  • You can learn how to fill your mind with your ideas and speak your first draft.
  • Most people type less than 40 words a minute. You can speak over 135 words per minute. Write a 4,000-word chapter in less than 30 minutes. Complete a 1,200 blog post in 10 minutes.
  • Write the book or blog post inside you by using voice recognition technology.
  • Finish the book you started in days or weeks instead of months.  Voice writing can empower you.

In this course, I ease the path of technology adoption for writers by:

  • Explaining why you should use dictation even if you have tried to use speech recognition software in the past.
  • Demonstrating major speech recognition software as part of the course.
  • Providing the techniques you need to successfully use your voice to write your book or blog posts.
  • This course will help you overcome your preconceptions about voice writing and open a valuable way of expression to you.

After completing this course, you’ll have the tools you need to…

  • Select the speech recognition software best for you, some of it free.
  • Learn how to use the best kind of microphone.
  • See how the three major types of voice recognition actually work.
  • Know how to adjust your thought processes to speak your book or blog posts.
  • Visualize your book or blog post details as you speak.
  • Use specific techniques I teach in the course.

Now is the time to change from slow kinetic writing to voice writing. It’s not the wave of the future, it’s happening now.

This course will put you on the fast-track to use voice writing now.

This course includes:

  • 15 Instructional Videos (Approximately 1.7 hours + Supplementary Lesson Notes)
  • Course Orientation Workbook (PDF)
  • View courses from any phone, tablet, or computer. Fully browser responsive.
  • New videos and other helpful information added regularly
  • Unlimited term access
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion

Completion time (all content including supplementary material) is approximately 2.7 hours, but you are free to work at your own pace and to review any part of the course later. See the refund policy here.

Course Curriculum – Dictation Methods to Empower Your Writing – All this for only $97

How to Speed Write Your Book with Voice Recognition Software. View lesson videos online only. You can download the Workbook and other files.

Course Lessons

Section 1: An Introduction to Voice Writing

Lesson 1: Course Orientation
Lesson 2: Why Speech Recognition Software Can Empower Your Writing
Lesson 3: What You Need to Get Started with Voice Writing
Lesson 4: Overcoming Preconceptions about Voice Writing
Section 1 – Quick Quiz

Section 2: Types of Speech Recognition Software 

Lesson 5: Dragon Naturally Speaking Overview
Lesson 6: Dragon Naturally Speaking with a Digital Recorder
Lesson 7: Speech Recognition Software You Already Own
Lesson 8: Online Voice Recognition Options
Lesson 9: Voice Writing with a Smartphone or Tablet
Section 2 – Quick Quiz

Section 3: How to Successfully Embrace Voice Writing

Lesson 10 Breaking the Writing Mind-Hand Connection
Lesson 11: Mind Adjustment for Dictation
Lesson 12: Visualizing Your Book for Dictation
Lesson 13: Dictation Techniques
Lesson 14: Voice Writing in Perspective
Section 3 – Quick Quiz

Section 4: Update Section  – Recent Additional Resources

Lesson 15: Document: Voice Writing Quick-Start Guide

Note: I add helpful information on an ongoing basis so there are likely to be more video lessons/resources than shown on this list.

Dictation Methods to Empower Your Writing - VelocityWriting online course


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