reseach before you write

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Research Resource StashThis is my proven personal research resource stash. They are my favorite places to do both book and blog post research. Quickly find core data on the blog topic you intend to write about. Also, many of these resources offer offbeat information you can use to attract reader interest. You normally won’t find treasure troves of information if you rely exclusively on Google Search.

Do you have favorites of your own? Please email me and I’ll add them to this list.


Cluster Search – My All-Time Favorite
Find all the good stuff in one place. Note: This is not being maintained to the high level it once was.

Yippy – Another Cluster search engine
Formerly Clusty. Now powered by IBM Watson, so it is very good. Recommended.

Creative Combinations – Wild and wonderful results
This search engine will trigger your creativity.

Peekier – Information boxes
Pops up search result pages for a quick view. Interesting.

Voice of the Shuttle
A wide range of topics in directory format.

Mainly EU Search Results
Has European news, social, video, images, and shopping results.

Medical Topics



Make Use Of

Old Newspaper Searches

Google Scholar
Includes Academic Journals and Legal Case law

Microsoft Academic
Nature, science, medicine, space and may other topics. Very good.

The History Engine

A Green Alternative
Looks like Google but they plant trees when you search.

No Longer Updated, Links Are Still Useful

Directory of many old articles on many topics
Not updated after January 2016

National Security Archives – University, not government
Limited – Not updated since 2017

Magazine Portal
Directory of magazine articles
Not updated since 2017, but many good links here

Directory of Open Access Journals 
You must pay to read most journals, but this site offers free journals. It is of limited value for most people but worth a look.

Looking for free-to-use photos and videos? See my list here.