Private Mentoring-Coaching

Consulting About Your Individual Writing, Publishing, or Book Marketing Problems

Eliminate confusion or expensive mistakes. Get trustworthy, expert knowledge about writing, editing, publishing or book marketing.

Get a specific answer to your specific question. I provide time and money-saving options to aid your decision-making process. Don’t trust advice from strangers on Facebook or elsewhere. Get insight from an experienced writing and publishing professionals.

A consulting session normally deals with a particular issue or several related issues.

A  45-minute consulting session is $97 payable when the consultation session is booked. Session time is not transferable to later sessions, and payment is not refundable. See terms.

We’ll communicate by either email, face-to-face by video Skype/Zoom, or by telephone in the US. It’s your choice. The time can be used in any way you wish. I will answer any questions, help you define your strategy, and make recommendations about writing, publishing, or book promotion concerns.

I often email additional resources to clients after the session, so you will always get maximum value for your session time.

This is a one-time session that you can repeat as different issues arise. If you would like ongoing support as you write your book, please see my coaching/mentoring program.

Does consulting or coaching ensure your success? Nothing does that. But you can end the self-doubt, get encouragement, and get reliable answers to your questions and have a clear action path. That has tremendous value for first-time authors, and for established authors who get caught in a rut.

Contact me here and tell me briefly about your needs. Let me how you want to communicate and the best times (2 or 3 options, including evenings if you wish), and I’ll get back to you promptly to confirm one of your preferences.

Longer-Term Mentoring/Coaching

In the Mentoring/Coaching process, I’m able to guide and encourage you from idea through writing, publishing, and marketing.

Mentoring/Coaching is a mutual commitment between us. I become available to you on an ongoing basis.

What You Receive

Private Mentoring-CoachingMentoring is done on an ongoing basis in three-month units.  The fee for the three-month term is $2,799.*  Each month includes relevant input and insight in these areas:

  • Intake conversation about your book and your writing goals.
  • Outline or manuscript assessment if you already have a work-in-progress.
  • Research and writing strategy plan. We create it together regardless if you are starting fresh or have a work-in-progress.
  • Market research for your book topic. I help you discover if your book has sales potential.
  • Work-in-Progress manuscript assessments as you write (up to two book portions per month including your revisions).  This is the heart of our work together. I provide written assessments/suggestions to help you keep on course.
  • Up to two 30-minute in-depth monthly discussions about your work-in-progress, assessments or other book-related matters of your choice.
  • Short occasional email exchanges^ (up to three weekly exchanges) when you face immediate needs.
  • When I offer ideas or rewrite small portions of your work to demonstrate alternatives, my work product belongs to you. My job as a mentor is to empower you, not take credit for enhancements. I may add to your work.
  • Templates, videos, and techniques to help you become a more efficient, interesting writer.
  • Evaluate your publishing options (self, Indie, or traditional) with you.
  • Offer proven resources (agents, editors, cover artists, book formatting, etc.).
  • Weekly email tips and encouragement. I become your accountability partner.

Get the Ongoing Help and Encouragement You Need to Complete Your Book

This is one of the most comprehensive mentoring programs available. You not only receive mentioning about practical writing and publishing matters, but you also receive encouragement and inspiration based on your particular needs.

Have questions about my mentoring program? Contact me here.


* The three-month fee is non-refundable for any reason. Sometimes new authors find excuses to suspend or give up their writing efforts after a month or so, and that goes against the entire purpose of the mentoring/coaching process. Our mentoring/coaching commitment to each other is regular and ongoing, not “stop and go” over a period longer than three months. See terms here.

Of course, we all have exceptional life events. If you have a significant one, like a death in the family or a major medical event, you can ask in advance to suspend engagement for up to 45 days once during any three-month term. Your success is based on mutual accountability, so you’ll want to offer an excellent reason for suspending our interaction. Still, there is no refund, just a mutually agreeable postponement.

Most people can complete their book in three months under my mentorship, but a few extend for a second three-month term. In those cases, I offer a $300 discount off the above fee.

+ All communication is by video Zoom or email internationally. Also, by telephone in the US. Your choice.

^ An email “exchange” is when you write me an email and I respond to it. Each subsequent permutation is another exchange.