Self-Publishing Exposed! How to Avoid Falling into Common Publishing Traps

Self-Publishing Exposed! How to Avoid Falling into Common Publishing TrapsDive into the secrets of the publishing world with Self-Publishing Exposed! How to Avoid Falling into Common Publishing Traps.

Do you dream of seeing your name on a book cover but fear the nightmare of costly publishing scams? Then this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

Why let doubts and dangers shadow your publishing dream? Equip yourself with “Self-Publishing Exposed!” and carve your path to success. Your story deserves to be told. Make it happen – get your copy today! This book covers reveals valuable insights about:

    • Traditional publishing
    • Self-publishing
    • Indie publishing
    • Hybrid publishing
    • Vanity publishing

If you’ve ever felt the sting of a pay-to-publish scheme or considered buying into one, this book is your savior.  We’re talking about potential savings of thousands in your publishing venture.

Crafted from meticulous research, peppered with compelling case studies, and bursting with invaluable insights, this book promises to arm you with the knowledge to tread confidently in the treacherous publishing terrain. Unearth the distinctions between various publishing models, navigate away from the perils of vanity traps, and chart a course to bona fide self-publishing or indie success.

Let D. L. Hughes, your guiding light in this journey, illuminate the way to smart publishing decisions. Embrace the future of publishing, innovate for tomorrow, and make a standout impression in an evolving landscape.

Available exclusively at in digital and paperback editions

Chapters in this 177-page book:

1 An Amazing Era to Publish

PART 1 Types of Publishing 

2 Traditional Publishing
3 Pure Self-Publishing
4 Vanity Publishing

PART 2 The Perils of Vanity Publishing 

5 Vanity Publishing Snares
6 NVP Case Histories
7 Hybrid Publishing and Other Pitfalls

PART 3 Paths to Publishing Success 

8 Pure Self vs. Indie Publishing
9 Wearing the Publisher’s Hat
10 Innovating for Tomorrow

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