Think Like Your Readers to Sell More Books


Sometimes writers wonder why their books don’t sell. One big issue is that they may not be on the same wave-length as their readers. In this video I provide some simple “communications theory” that will enable you to connect with your readers in a fresh new way. You must write like a reader to sell more books.

Write Like a Reader to Sell More Books

Too many writers, particularly new writers, don’t try to please anyone other than themselves. There are even some seasoned writers who say they write to entertain themselves and it doesn’t make any difference whether anyone else likes their work.

Excuse me for saying so, but unless you are writing as a hobby for family and friends, you must think about your Leaders. I’m not suggesting that you pander to them, but I am strongly suggesting that you need to take their perspective into account as you write. If you intend to be a professional writer then readers are your customers. You want to write in a way that pleases them. That’s the only way you’ll get them to come back for more.

You must write using your own, “voice,” but you must choose your topic and write in a pleasing way. Above all, you must offer your readers clarity. If you’re sharing a fiction scene or a non-fiction series of steps, your readers must be able to capture a clear image of what you’re trying to communicate.

That’s where communication theory comes in. Please don’t be intimidated by the concept. It’s easy to grasp but a bit harder to implement. In this video I share how you can write like a reader to sell more books in a simple and interesting way. Did you decode my message in the way I intended? You’ll have to watch the video to see what I mean.