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Money can be made by writing and selling eBooks. But sales are often dependent on reviews.

Why? Reviews offer social proof that others think you had something to say and did a good job of saying it.

There is a perception that an eBook (or any book for that matter) can’t be successful unless it has hundreds of reviews. That’s not true. As I point out in this course, research reveals that about 12 thoughtful, positive reviews are all you need to gain the social proof you need to stimulate sales.

VelocityWriting online course

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The course is jam-packed with information about what you should avoid when it comes to reviews, along with the positive things you need to do.

I discuss the recent Amazon review policy, and that’s essential knowledge for anyone seeking book reviews on Amazon. I teach many other review-related topics as you see see from the lesson titles below.

You don’t need to buy reviews or leave them to chance. Use these methods to get honest reviews for your eBook.

This course includes:

  • 14 Instructional Videos (Approximately 1.3 hours + Supplementary Lesson Notes)
  • Course Orientation Workbook (PDF)
  • New Videos and Helpful Information Added Regularly to course Update Section
  • Unlimited term access
  • View courses from any phone, tablet, or computer. Fully browser responsive.
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion

Completion time (all content) is approximately 2.0 hours, but you are free to work at your own pace and to review any part of the course later. See the refund policy here.


Course Curriculum – All this for only $77!

View lesson videos online only. You can download the Workbook and other files.

Course Lessons

Section 1: Getting Started Right

Lesson 1: Reviews Don’t Come Easy
Lesson 2: Why Reviews Are Important

Section 2: Review Confusion and How to Deal with It

Lesson 3: The Amazon Review Policy
Lesson 4: Why You Should Never Pay for a Review
Lesson 5: The Problem of Free Review Copies
Lesson 6: Organic Reviews
Lesson 7: Should You Solicit Reviews from Amazon Stars?

Section 3: Best Practices for Getting Great Reviews

Lesson 8:  Organic Reviews – The Gold Standard
Lesson 9: How to Ask for Reviews from Family, Friends & Colleagues
Lesson 10: How to Get Reviews from Topic Bloggers
Lesson 11: Request Reviews from Followers
Lesson 12: Use Your eBook to Request Reviews
Lesson 13: Why You Also Want Non-Amazon Reviews
Lesson 14: Key Best Review Practices – Summary


VelocityWriting online course

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