Motivation Secrets for Writers

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about this courseCourse Updated 2018

What if you could break out of your lethargy and complete the book you’ve dreamed of writing?

Most writers face a problem with motivation. Sometimes it’s called “writer’s block,” but we all know how it feels. There is a burning desire to complete a book manuscript, but an invisible barrier seems to appear. It becomes impossible to break through the barrier to reach your writing goals.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • What motivation is and why we all need it.
  • How people replace motivation with false ideas and then just hope for the best.
  • A 5-step plan to bring you from where you are now in your lack of motivation, to where you what to be as a highly motivated person.
  • How you can turn your worse motivational enemy into your best friend.
  • How you can remain in a highly motivated state with little effort.
  • The secret of how you can mobilize your inner factors to reach your writing goals.
  • Motivational techniques to use to support your new high motivation profile.
  • How to escape your mental fog and finish your writing project.

VelocityWriting online course

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In a perfect world, you’d be able to cut through the cloud of resistance and write with simplicity and clarity. In that world, you’d have to set an alarm to tell you you stop writing, rather than struggling with every paragraph as you might now be doing.

This course includes:

  • 13 Instructional Videos (Approximately 1.5 hours + Supplementary Lesson Notes)
  • Course Orientation Workbook (PDF)
  • New Videos and Helpful Information Added Regularly to course Update Section
  • Free Offers and Contests in course Bonus Lecture (final lesson)
  • Full Lifetime Access – Start, Review or See Updates Anytime
  • Access on mobile (iOS and Android) and TV
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion

Completion time (all content) is approximately 2.0 hours, but you are free to work at your own pace and to review any part of the course later. See the refund policy here.

Course Curriculum – All this for only $97!

View lesson videos online only. You can download the Workbook and other files.

Course Lessons

Section 1 – Getting Started Right

Lesson 1:  Course Orientation
Lesson 2: Motivation: What It Is, Why You Need It

Section 2 – Barriers to Motivation

Lesson 3: Wishing Is Not Enough
Lesson 4: Will Your Motivation Be Rewarded?
Lesson 5: A Familiar Voice
Lesson 6: Course Conference

Section 3 – Breakthrough Motivation Strategies

Lesson 7: Five Stages to Maximum Motivation
Lesson 8: Be The Elephant
Lesson 9: Inner and Outer Factors
Lesson 10: Motivation Techniques

Section 4 – Key Ideas to Turbocharge Your Motivation

Lesson 11: Cyberloafing: Deceptive Self-Sabotage
Lesson 12: Stay Motivated – Summary

Section 5 – Update Section

Lesson 13: Bonus Lecture – More Resources from D.L. Hughes

Note: I add helpful information on an ongoing basis so there are likely to be more video lessons/resources than shown on this list.

VelocityWriting online course

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