How to Write Right – A Proven Writing Pattern

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There are specific steps in the writing process. A proven writing pattern. You can master them to become a more effective writer.  I want to tell you about that process in this video.

How to Write Right - A Proven Writing PatternI have mentored many aspiring writers over the last three decades. Many of them are under the impression that they can sit down at the keyboard and the story they have in their mind will unreel in their mind like a movie. That seldom works.

Without a plan, most new writers get bogged down very quickly. They write a few pages — or even a few chapters — but they lose momentum and the pages end up at the bottom of the drawer.

Most writers who end up in this predicament claim they have, “writer’s block.” Based on my experience, I don’t think that writer’s block exists. It’s a way that some writers, and many would-be writers, mask the fact that they did not do their homework before they started writing.

You might guess by my tone that I think there is a better way. It’s true — I believe anyone can learn to write right. In the short video, I outline the steps that every writer needs to follow in order to complete the writing project they have conceived in their mind.

The steps in the writing process are relatively simple. You will discover the basic structure you need to finish your book or other writing project.

Books don’t get written unless authors have a plan in their mind in advance. This video will help you think about the process and provide some practical input so that you can implement it for yourself. Take a deeper look at this topic here.

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