Jet Pink A novel by D. L. Hughes
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 This isn’t about airplanes, but fasten your seatbelt anyway!

Dive into the quirky world of Jet Pink, where self-discovery takes a wild, whimsical, and utterly unexpected turn! Meet Walter, our SoCal businessman hero, who’s on a rollicking ride from heartbreak to, well, a sort of heavenly harmony.

Did he try the classic cocktail of distractions? Oh, you bet—drugs, dalliances, and head-banging rock. But the real adventure begins when Walter embarks on an introspective quest—a journey not of religion as we know it, but perhaps how it should truly resonate within us.

Painted with vibrant hues of humor and wit, Jet Pink takes you on a cultural spree, effortlessly blending the kooky with the profound. And for our art enthusiasts, there’s a cheeky nod to the DaDa Art Movement—just a sprinkle of the avant-garde to spice things up! Even rock music fans may spot familiar souls.

There are jabs! From science to relationships, from religion to popular culture—no stone is left unturned, and no topic is too sacred. If you’ve ever chuckled through the pages of Kurt Vonnegut or Richard Brautigan, prepare for another delightful treat.

Jet Pink is not just a book; it’s a roller coaster of dark humor and sparkling satire. Perfectly crafted for the 21st-century reader with an appetite for the unconventional. Jump on board, and let’s take flight!

Fiction. 6 x 9, 235 pages.

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