The Type 2 Diabetes Monster and How to Tame it by D. L. Hughes
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Updated and Enlarged Edition: “The Type 2 Diabetes Monster & How to Tame It!”

Receiving a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis can initially feel like facing a fierce dragon. But guess what? You can become the dragon tamer with the right knowledge and tools!

Wave goodbye to those unnerving fears. Dive into the empowering world of “The Type 2 Diabetes Monster & How to Tame It!” This isn’t just a book – it’s a transformational journey where you’ll unlock the secrets to mastering your diagnosis and thriving beyond it.

D. L. Hughes, through his engaging narrative, not only shares his own triumphant tale against Type 2 Diabetes but also equips you with:

🥗 Nutrition Know-How: Discover the magical world of food and how it plays a pivotal role in your health journey.

🚴 Fit for Life: The synergy between exercise, meds, and wellness – unraveled!

💡 Beyond the Basics: Navigate the medical maze, understand the ins and outs of medications, and safeguard your well-being.

😁 Relatable Revelations: Laugh, cry, and resonate with the author’s candid confessions and discoveries. He does not pretend to be a medical doctor, but he talks about Type 2 diabetes with personal insights and extensive research.

The essence of the book? You’ve got a formidable ally in this battle against Type 2 Diabetes – not just D. L. Hughes or his book. It’s YOU. With every page, rekindle your strength, fortify your resolve, and learn that physical and emotional self-care is your superpower.

Remember, in the modern age, a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis isn’t a grim fate. With “The Type 2 Diabetes Monster & How to Tame It” by your side, it invites a vibrant, health-infused life!

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What’s inside this  well-documented 164-page book

1 That Call From My Doctor
2 What is Diabetes Anyway?
3 How I Learned New Rules and Cheated on Them
4 Loading Metformin with a Pitchfork
6 Tired of Being Sick and Tired
7 How a Book Changed My Life
8 Attitude Recalibration
9 You Too Can Banish the Diabetes Monster
Glossary of Diabetic Terms
Meet the Author
End Notes

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