Jet Pink

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Jet Pink - A novel by D.L. HughesJet Pink is a novel by D.L. Hughes

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It’s not about airplanes. It’s about your soul.

Jet Pink is a zany and irreverent novel about redemption.

The hero is Walter, a Southern California businessman, from the time he discovers the ex-wife he still loves is going to remarry, until he finds purpose and peace beyond heaven’s gate.

Walter tries all the usual ways (drugs, sex and rock n’ roll) to quell the inner turmoil he feels, but peace does not come until he has the opportunity to examine his own soul.

It’s not about religious faith as we know it, but perhaps as it ought to be. Along the way, the author takes amusing potshots at science, religion, psychiatry, relationships and popular culture.

If you enjoy the books of Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Brautigan, you’ll enjoy Jet Pink.

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